Sunday, May 01, 2005

Taking a break...

But just for a little while. Ron is graduating with two associates degrees Saturday! Yea!!! And I'm taking the final in my graduate class a week from tomorrow. I have a paper due tomorrow (6-7 pages, which isn't much for a grad class), so I'm going to spend most of the night tonight working on it, and finish up tomorrow, since I'm not working. Then, I'm studying for my final.

What kind of communication/journalism graduate class has a final completely composed of matching questions? I thought for sure we would have some essay questions, but my professor said, "No, you've done enough writing for this semester." Crap! Essays are easy, manipulatable. If you're a good writer, like I am, then you can usually get through an essay final with few scratches. This matching test is going to require memory work: matching theorists to their theories and major points within those theories.

I may be in pain during the final, just because I can't manipulate a matching test. Pray for me! Please!

I'll start posting again after my final is over.

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