Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas! It's not just another holiday.

Everywhere you look, people and businesses alike are putting up their decorations, getting ready for this wonderful holiday season, and yet so many refuse to say what that holiday is! Now, who goes around putting up Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas lights and buying presents for one certain day except those who celebrate Christmas? Would Jews dare to put up those decorations or buy presents and wrap them up like Christians do? Would Muslims? Only if they wish to be persecuted. (Although I did hear on "The People's Court" one time about a Jewish woman who hated her Jewish neighbors so much she actually put a wreath on her door to mess with them.)

Even the television shows are getting their panties in a bunch, saying, "Happy Holiday" (oftentimes omitting the final "s" that would give the greeting the implication that they are talking about more than one holiday). It's not a "holiday party" or "holiday dinner" or "holiday get-together, it's CHRISTMAS!!! Those who don't want to have anything to do with Christmas can just ignore the whole celebration, but they must acknowledge that this is a largely Christian nation, and therefore, Christian holidays will be celebrated.

Stores and other retail outlets can be the worst. They send you their "holiday catalogs" and other advertisements, not mentioning at all for which holiday they're marketing their tactics. It really bothers me, and I'm not the only one it bothers. Of this I am sure. Case in point: "Merry Tossmas". I think I'm actually going to start endorsing the views put forth in that YouTube video to the point that I'll follow through on what that guy does: toss the "holiday" advertisements and catalogs, while keeping and looking through those that acknowledge that it's Christmas that's being celebrated. And those will be the only ones I consider buying from.

Will you do the same?

Support and celebrate Christmas, and endorse "Tossmas" with those who decide to ignore the Reason for the Season: Christ and the Mass that is celebrated on the anniversary of His holy birth.