Thursday, September 23, 2004

Job Possibility on the Horizon

Yesterday, the Wichita Eagle hosted a Career Expo downtown. Since I'm in the market for a full-time job, I went, knowing that this would be the best opportunity I'd have for a long while to connect face-to-face with employers who are hiring NOW.

It was one of the last booths I visited: KPTS, a public television station in Wichita. The man behind the table had laid out two job descriptions. One of them caught my eye: Publications Editor.

I read over the job description and requirements, noticing that whomever they choose to fill the position must have a college/university degree and two years of experience, or a combination of education and experience. Hmmm... I've done almost everything on the job description in one capacity or another, and I've got a degree that's specific to print publications, and I've concentrated almost exclusively in editing.

I got out a copy of my resume and handed it to the man behind the table and said, "I'm your person!" He asked me for what position. I showed him the description and told him it was for the Publications Editor position. He looked over my resume and complimented me on it, then said that he wouldn't be surprised if I got a call later this week for an interview! He said the Marketing Director is doing the work of two people right now and they need someone to start immediately. I said, "Well, if you call me tomorrow, I'll be there!" He handed me an application, I filled it out and handed it back to him, taking his business card so I'd know who I'd talked to.

Please pray that I get this job. I've been searching for more than two years for gainful employment. My six day a month contracting job for the Eagle just isn't enough, and Ron and I could really use the income. I don't even want to think of what's going to happen if this job, like the five others I was previously offered, falls through. The last five places dropped the positions they were hiring for altogether because they ran out of funds and couldn't pay anyone.

Ron and I need your prayers now more than ever.

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Devona said...

Good Luck!! I know the stress of the job hunt from Rob's experience! I will pray for you guys tonight. If everything goes well then, Congrats! in advance!!