Friday, September 17, 2004

Mormon Complains about Christian Bible Study

At Washburn University, a public Kansas university in Topeka, a Mormon student was told that he could not lead a Bible study because he could not subscribe to the Christian association's beliefs that the Bible is the only holy inspired word of God. He complained to the university that the Christian group was discriminating against him on the basis of religion, and the university discontinued the group's subsidy and denied them a meeting place.

First of all, the university was playing politics. Second, in an effort to be open-minded, their brains fell out on the floor. If someone who isn't a Christian says he wants to lead a "Christian" Bible study, you have to raise flags! The Christian association involved has decided to file a lawsuit, saying that Christian groups have a right to discriminate on the basis of religion.

The student told NPR that he had offered to lead the study because he had experience as a missionary from his "church." When the sponsor of the group found out that the student was a Mormon, he told the student that he could not deliver the Bible study.

I don't know how Mormons can call themselves Christian. They are so obviously not Christians. Anyone who believes that Jesus and Satan were brothers who quarrelled for control of the world and that those humans who couldn't decide which one to follow were cursed with dark skin, are out of their minds! If they believe that any part of the Bible is true at all, they should be able to read enough and understand enough to know that these are lies! They go way beyond what any Christian body would believe.

In high school, I knew several students who were Mormons. One told me one time that she looked forward to "Heaven" because she could have horns, a tail and be eternally pregnant on her husband's planet/kingdom. I just smiled and nodded and said, "Okay!"

Did you know that the movie "The God-Makers," which exposes Mormonism for what it really is, is banned by the Mormon "church" so that its members will never know the whole truth? Ask any Mormon if they've seen it. They'll tell you they can't watch it. Or won't.

I think the Christian organization should have the right to discriminate on the basis of religion, if they plan to remain a part of the university and be listed among its organizations, which it doesn't have to do. I understand that it meets on public university grounds, but the university was started by Bible-thumpers, and I think that those Bible-thumpers are thumping their own kind. If need be, the group can have fundraisers to pay for a facility; I'm not entirely sure why a public university would fund a religious organization in the first place. That way, the group could discriminate between Christians and non-Christians.

We hear that if we're not open-minded, we're hard or we're unloving. I counter by saying, like I did above, that if you're too open-minded, your brains are going to fall out and get trampled on by every liberal foot that comes along, and you'll have no defense. If, at such a time, you try to defend yourself, you'll be counted as a hyppocrite. It's always best to stick to what the Bible says and not pray with pagans. Unless you're Benke. Then it's "okay to pray." NOT!!!

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