Saturday, September 11, 2004

Beauty and the Makeover

After much deliberation, I have decided to create a blog dedicated to helping people with makeup and beauty advice. Of course, I am biased since I represent America's #1 Best-Selling brand of cosmetics on the market. (If you don't believe me, check it out! Go to my website and click the link for more / company information.) After four years of being an Independent Beauty Consultant, I have learned a lot about what kind of makeup and skin care products work and what doesn't. Mary Kay is the ONLY cosmetics company that can provide picture proof that its products really work.

Mary Kay is the only cosmetics and skin care line out there that literally makes women look and stay looking younger longer. My mom is in her 50s, but thanks to Mary Kay, which she's been using for more than 30 years, she could easily pass for a 40-year-old. Part of it is good genes, I'll give you that, but Mary Kay has kept her from getting wrinkles. Imagine that! Being more than 50 years old with NO wrinkles at all on your face!

Consider this also: How many cosmetics and skin care companies will tell you that you can try every single one of its products to see if you like it or if (God forbid) you have an allergic reaction to it so you can try something else? Mary Kay does. How many companies tell you that even after you've sampled their products, you can return the products for an exchange or full money-back guarantee if you don't like it, if it doesn't look good, or you, in fact, do end up reacting to it? Mary Kay gives that guarantee on ALL of its products.

With Mary Kay, you have a personal consultant whom you can call anytime if you have questions. Our mission is to show our customers how to apply the skin care and cosmetic producs so that they can do it themselves. We guide them in makeup tips so they look the best they can. Most consultants keep an extensive inventory so we can be assured that the day a customer (new or old) orders products, we can deliver them the same day or next, barring being out of a certain product at the time it is ordered. This, however, can easily be solved in just a day or two.

Anyway, the point of my beauty blog will be to showcase my products and, at the same time, compare them to other products that are out on the market. Any questions will be promptly addressed and answered. As soon as my husband and I figure out whether Photoblogger works for Macs, and when it does, I will provide pictures of the products I sell, as well as those from other brands that I wish to make comparisons about, and (with the permission of my customers) provide the picture proof that I spoke of earlier.

Look for a link to this blog on this site, coming soon. (First, I have to create the site.)


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