Thursday, August 12, 2004

Set your eyes on Higher Things (magazine)

Ron and I got a complimentary issue of the new Lutheran magazine "Higher Things: Dare to be Lutheran" in the mail today. I'll tell you what, this is a stellar magazine for Lutherans! I think it's target is the younger generations because of a couple of the articles, but the topics are really thought-provolking. For example: "Clothed with Christ -- Through Holy Baptism you have been clothed with Christ. Will you dress like a wise virgin or a belly dancer?" Here's another: "The (scratched out 40) Six Days of Purpose: It's ALL about You! -- What is God's purpose for your life? Some would suggest that we are here to worship God or to serve Him through our works. Is that how God sees it?" It also has an article about teens and mental illness and one about reality shows.

Here's one of interest: "The Catechism: Vocation: Fighting against the Devil". In this article, the kingdoms of the right and the left are distinguished, and the gift of families is discussed. I like this portion of the article: "Whatever you do or don't do, whatever you choose, God uses you in these places to preserve his creation. Your service to neighbor is God's service and defeats the devil... ... You are forgiven and redeemed. This war is already won. Soon the struggle will end.

The magazine comes out of Fort Wayne, IN, our "Mecca," if you will.Their web site is located at: Check it out! (...I wonder if they need another copy editor... ... ...)

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