Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Not that you really care...

I just got the pins taken out of my big toe this morning, and it didn't hurt! There were two of them, and they used a pliers to first twist them and then pull them out. Since there aren't any nerve endings in the bones, I barely felt anything besides a little something gliding across my skin.

I had to have another non-weightbearing cast put on. This cast should last four weeks, but after two, I can start putting weight on it like a walking cast. Then, I'll have one final cast (another walking cast, of course) and then an aircast, or walking boot. Long story short: I've got another six weeks in a cast; it's already been four weeks since my surgery.

The company my doctor's office gets its cast supplies from has changed the colors somewhat. I asked for pink because (1) I haven't had that color since fifth grade and (2) because I figured it would be a cool way to advertize my Mary Kay business. The GREAT thing about this cast is that it's not neon pink, but soft, baby pink or Mary Kay pink! It won't stand out so much and I can wear it with more clothes without a major clash (as if they existed anymore). (I'm also using it as an ice-breaker by having written "I'm YOUR Mary Kay Lady! Call me!" on the bottom of the foot of the cast. Hey, why not?)

I've already gotten a few compliments on the nice color today. I went with my mom to Dillons so she could get a few grocery items, and a young girl and a middle-aged man both said they liked the color! How 'bout that!

I'm also starting my job search again since I don't have to have my foot elevated so much anymore. If you know of anything in the Wichita, KS, area, let me know! (Nothing that requires standing on your feet; in other words, desk work. Full-time, great benefits and pay a major plus.)

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