Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A few adjustments have been made

Okay, so I got my hubby to help me on this. So what? I only know what I need to about computers.

I've added a link to a Lutheran couple who blog together as Love and Blunder. Their names are Rob and Devona, and they're expecting a baby! How wonderful!! She's a waitress, and I'm not sure yet what he does because he hasn't blogged about it yet. Devona sees her growing belly as a different kind of new creation: her body becoming comparable to that of a turtle, her belly being the shell. Check out the cool picture she created with her head at the top on their website! Gotta love it.

Also, since I'm a Mary Kay consultant (for four years this month, actually), I asked my wonderful husband to create a few links in that honor. One goes straight to my Mary Kay website where you can look around for yourself or for a gift for someone else (male or female) (and Josh, no more joke e-mails), and if you're so inclined, shop online. I've got a full inventory of just about everything you'll find on the website, and am willing to answer questions related to skin care or color cosmetics needs. If you decide to buy something, I can ship it to you. AND, if you buy $20-worth of products or more, you get a free gift! So, take advantage!

Related to the website are links that allow you to e-mail me directly from my blog. One goes to my Mary Kay e-mail address, and the other goes to the e-mail address that Ron and I share.

I've also added a couple of links to sites run by a friend of mine named Katy Towell. She and I graduated from high school together, and somehow she ended up in California doing web design. She has her own business building web sites for people, and she also started a way cool e-zine (online magazine) for women. The main features are about rock stars from the 80s who still seem to have spunk and flair with modern crowds. She tries to publish every month, but it doesn't always happen. That's okay. But when she does publish, I usually know it because I'm her copy editor. Go Katy!

Speaking of copy editing, if you know of anyone who will be needing a copy editor for their newspaper in or around mid-September and they're anywhere near Wichita, Kansas, let me know. I'd love a full-time editing job, but I have to wait until I'm released to go back to work. Stupid feet having to be reconstructed so they don't hurt all the time! Grrrr!! (You'd think that 15 surgeries would be enough, but I had to have two more this summer!)

Okay, I'm super hyper and I think I'd better stop now. So enjoy my new links!

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