Thursday, August 26, 2004

Schizophrenic Public

It was an amazing breakthrough during a class discussion tonight. Even though a great number of people believe that the media are biased in their approach to reporting the news, they still depend on the media for their news and infrequently triangulate the information they receive to make sure it's accurate.

It is possible for people to check a number of different sources to make sure that the information they receive is accurate and covers all the angles, but what are the chances they will actually do that? Not good.

This is why we as the media strive to give an unbiased view of the news we report. Although not always very easy, especially in the midst of controversy, it is necessary to do the best we can to give a balanced view of the news we report.

Even editors struggle with this: We are given a piece of literature to edit for content and must be sure to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, but we must also be on the lookout for news that appears unbalanced. If it appears that a reporter's biases are revealed in the article submitted, we, as copy editors, must find the truth and correct the article to reflect that truth. Sometimes this must come at the expense of the pride of the author, but constructive criticism is good for people. I know I appreciate it.

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