Thursday, October 20, 2005

Strong possibility for a better future

My husband had a job interview yesterday for the position of a nondestructive engineer at a rather large aircraft company in town, the same one that laid him off six months after we married.

His interview went really well. He told me that he is one of three candidates to fill two open positions! That's a 66 percent chance of employment! And if he gets this job, we will move out of this crappy apartment!

The only down-side is that if he is chosen, he'll have to wait until December to start. On the up-side, if he's able to finish this semester where he is currently working, we won't have to worry about paying back the tuition assistance they provided for him.

Please pray that he is chosen for this position. It's what he really wants to do at a company he really wants to work for.

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Devona said...

Good luck guys.

You'll be in our prayers.