Saturday, October 08, 2005

Please vote in my poll!

So far, only three votes have been counted on my poll, and I know for a fact that two of those votes came from my husband. I'm starting to wonder if anyone is actually visiting my blog to read it, or if it's just coming up as a link on web searches.

Am I so boring that you don't even think I'm worth the time it takes to vote? Should I even continue to post on this blog? Or is it a fruitless endeavor?

I'm giving you an opportunity to tell me what you would like to read. More on Deaf Ministry, more controversial topics, more theologically-based subjects... whatever would bring you and others to my site.

I'm giving you the opportunity to tell me what you like to read. What have I posted about in the past that you liked? What would you like to see? Tell me!


Devona said...

Erica, I read your blog every time my sage plug-in informs me that you've updated. I enjoy reading about what you guys are up to.

Don't post controversial things in order to get hits. If you've noticed we've cut back on the hot topics because we were deeply hurting people we cared about.

I'll leave the line em up and knock em down to those of us gifted with wit and bite. Like Josh S.

Write what's going on, and the people who love you will read, and comment when they can. :)

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Thank you, Devona. I appreciate your kind words. You're right about controversial things, too. I'm a bit apprehensive about writing anything too controversial because I don't seem to do too well defending my points.

I guess sometimes I get insecure about my readership because according to Extreme Tracking, my readership numbers have been falling. Maybe Ron is right, too, that because the blogsphere has exploded, I have to share space with all of them.

Again, thank you for your candor.

Devona said...

No problem. :)