Friday, October 21, 2005

OLIVER! Interpreted

Tomorrow evening, I will be participating in the interpretation of the musical "OLIVER!" with my Interpreting I class. I will be interpreting Act 2 Scene 2, where "Oliver" is brought to live with "Mr. Brownlow," sees a doctor, and is later kidnapped back from the band of pickpockets that he had been rescued from.

My class attended most of the dress rehearsal Tuesday night. The actors and actresses are really good, for the most part. The little boy who plays Oliver is really talented. He's a great actor, and sings pretty well for no older than he is, too.

I had to get a long-sleeved black shirt tonight for the play tomorrow. I'm supposed to wear something that will contrast a lot with my skin color, and I'm pasty pale white. The reason is simple: the lights are going to be off with the exception of the stage lights and a dim spotlight where my classmates and I are going to be interpreting. Our signing must be visible to those Deaf and hard-of-hearing who attend.


elle said...

So how'd it go, already!

The Terrible Swede said...

It's not pasty pale white - it's sexy smooth white.