Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"Listen to your husband"

This is what my husband tells me frequently when he thinks he knows more than I do or better than I do and I want to do things my own way. Well, sometimes he's right. And I really hate to admit that.

Ron reminds me that a good journalist always verifies her information with more than one source, and the previous post was made without doing so. For that, I apologize. My readers deserve to get the whole truth presented in an honest manner, and I was at fault for not doing so.

It turns out that there was more information that I didn't know about, some of which is still to be learned, and I should have waited to post anything until I had more information. I was going off of one source, one which often is unreliable when it comes to embellishment and overexaggeration. Most things in the post were true, because they came from a reliable source, but others were from the souce that is often flawed.

Something my husband doesn't understand about me is how I can get so worked up about things. But the reason I get worked up, especially about something involving care of an individual, is because I'm a nurturer. The thought of abuse or neglect of someone who's been entrusted to someone else makes my heart beat quickly with anger and anxiety. I care way too much, I guess.

From now on (and this is my promise to all of you), I will verify my sources or make sure that the sources I do have are reliable. And, yes, Ron, I will listen to you more often. (He's laughing.)

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The Terrible Swede said...

"Well, sometimes he's right. And I really hate to admit that."

Sometimes? I'd like to think of it this way: one wrong over an infinite number of NOT-wrongs is pretty much ZERO.