Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Find a way to give this Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas (so to say), I will be donating my time today to give facials to underprivileged teenage girls. Another lady or two will be doing their hair for them. These are girls who might not get a bath every day, might not have clean hair or faces, or even clean or new clothes. It feels good to give, and it's something that people should do.

Also, later today, I'll be working a phone bank at our local CBS affiliate, KWCH TV, giving winter weather travel information to those who call in. It's part of a partnership deal between The Wichita Eagle, my new employer, and the television station. (Okay, I do have an alterior motive for this: being recognized by and getting to know those who work in the newsroom on the third floor of the paper. Hopefully I can get a job up there soon -- in the next year or two, maybe.)

Whether it's donating your time, old clothes or coats, picking up a gift for an angel tree, or whatever, it's good to give to those in need. I know Ron and I have appreciated all of those who gave to us during my surgeries and unemployment.

It's not that you must give or donate, but that you will be blessed by what you do for others. God gives us blessings so that we can bless others.

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