Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Interview went really well!

Except for arriving a few minutes late to my interview (I didn't realize I'd have to hunt for a parking space in a parking garage), I believe my interview went really well this afternoon.

Four people were present with a list of intense questions with which to interview me for this "newly created" position. Each one of them works in a different area of the communications division of the County office building, so they all had various questions that related this position to the work they do. Many of the questions were introduced by two or three sentences to give the "set up". I think they were impressed with my answers. I know I was. At times, I was wondering who was talking while my mouth was flapping! :)

Anyway, at one point, the discussion was light enough that I got my interviewers lauging. Actually, that happened a couple of times! (I think they liked me.)

My next interview is tomorrow morning at 10:00. If I get that position, the pay won't be nearly as good as the position for which I interviewed today, but we could live with it. The work will be pretty similar, which is good because I liked the job descriptions!

As always, I'll let you know if I actually get a job offer. Thank you for your prayers.

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