Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm teaching again, and have some great students!

I recently started teaching American Sign Language classes again at my church. Most of the students who attended in the fall semester have returned to continue their studies in the same book, and I've got a few people who've decided to begin their studies with me in a beginning class.

Of course, the second-level class wouldn't be a challenge unless I actually gave them assignments that forced them to utilize what they've learned. So, Thursday, I had them pair up, ask questions of their partners (in sign language), and introduce their partners to the rest of the class (in sign language). They had to use a combination of fingerspelling, signed-word recollection, expressive and receptive skills to complete the assignment. And they all did very well!

I'm really proud of the students I have had and have now. They're learning so well! I'm just hoping they increase their practice time and dedication, because without practice, recall is more difficult, and therefore, it is more difficult to know how to get out the words and phrases they want to use.

Also, an older deaf man who's visited our church several times returned yesterday, just in time for a pot-luck lunch. I spent some time talking with him, and I know he enjoys that because there aren't too many people he socializes with who know how to talk with him. He just turned 82, and walks everywhere he goes. I don't think he goes too far.

Anyway, I'm enjoying these students, and enjoying the opportunity I'm getting to use the sign language I've learned over the last decade.

[Note: Edited for content.]

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