Monday, June 27, 2005

The Wichita Eagle issues special edition

WE BTK X-tra Edition front
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This issue of the Wichita Eagle was published shortly after Dennis Rader confessed to all of the 10 BTK killings. It was sold out in about five or six hours. The only reason I was able to get a copy is because I work across from the customer service desk in the Wichita Eagle Celebrations office. (I help people place anniversary, birth, engagement and wedding announcments, among others.)

Rader surprised everyone today, including his defense team, which was convinced that the confession was going to be a "bare bones" confession. Instead, Rader gave the eerie details of every killing, including how he chose each one, even comforting some of them before he strangled them to death.

This man is seriously disturbed, although it appears there was not enough evidence to support an insanity defense.

See my post below for links to more information.

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