Sunday, June 05, 2005

In Church This Morning...

We had a matins service instead of the divine service because our pastor is participating in the annual Bike Across Kansas. Basically, he's joined with hundreds of other people to ride their bicycles all the way from one end of Kansas to the other, a journey that lasts about a week.

The riders get sponsors to donate money to their ride, and in turn, the riders donate their funds to charity. The charity our pastor is donating to is the Children's Christian Concern Society. You should take a look! If you haven't heard of it, it's really a very worthy organization. Our pastor donates his time to the BAK every year, and his sponsor money to CCCS.

I got to write a story about and take pictures of people participating in the BAK three years ago when I was living and working in Ellsworth, Kan. at the the Ellsworth County Independent/Reporter, a tiny newspaper in a county of about 3,000 people in north-central Kansas. The town was on the BAK's route, and many of the riders stayed in town overnight one night before going out again to continue the ride.

Bikers start at the Kansas-Colorado border, and they end by touching the front tire of their bikes in the Missouri River on the Kansas-Missouri border. Whoever's tire touches the water first is considered the winner. If I had the stamina and time to do so (and if I could get my oversized hubby to join me), I think I'd enjoy riding in the BAK, myself!

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