Sunday, July 03, 2005

Murderers in Heaven???

Recently, I've come across an interesting question: If Dennis Rader (and other notorious murderers, for that matter) were to be truly repentant for all he's done before he dies, it is possible that he could end up in Heaven after he dies.

This is difficult to wrap my mind around, but if we as Lutherans believe that we are saved by God's grace, through faith, and not by our own works (as it's stated in Ephesians), then it really is possible that even the most grevious sins can be forgiven if the transgressor is truly and utterly repentant of all he or she has done. And remember, even though Rader was (or is) part of the Evangelical L*ther*n Church in America, and not the Missouri Synod, he was confirmed in the LCMS, apparently, and therefore must have learned that wonderful gem like the rest of us.

The question remains because we can never and will never know if he truly is repentant. It sure didn't look like it when he was confessing everything in front of the judge: it looked more like he was telling a tale about an insignificant event. But if he can repent of it before he dies, it is possible he'll go to Heaven.

I'm glad that God has the ability to truly know if someone is repentant and forgive them, no matter what, because I really don't think the families of his victims will ever be able to.

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