Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Perfect Job? I thought so...

It turns out that the place I've been wanting to work for years won't allow me to work more than 16 hours in a week! I'll have to work for three weeks in order to make enough money to make one insurance payment! Ron's only working 20 hours per week because he's going to school full time, so he can't work anymore hours than that, but I've had my bachelor's degree for a year already and can't find anyone to give me full time work, pay and benefits!

I was going to talk to my boss this morning, but the owner of the company, Knight Ridder, had representatives at the paper today and he wasn't able to get away. Now I have to wait until at least Thursday. I'm going to ask if there are any other opportunities elsewhere in the paper for me to be able to fill in the extra 24 hours in every work week. If not, I'm going to have to start my job search again. And it took me two years to find this one! This sucks!

Update: I forgot (until reminded by a phone call from my co-worker today) that once in a while we get bonuses at work for making the budget. I guess in a couple of weeks, I'll get a nice bonus of a couple hundred dollars, to be added to my regular paycheck! Wahoooo! (That'll be absorbed rather quickly, though. But I'm thankful that I'm getting it!)

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