Friday, February 18, 2005

Just before I left for work

E's haircut my style
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Since I don't have a flatiron like the lady who did my hair at the beauty school, I did the best I could with my hot air round brush (not sure if that's a proper phrase for it).

Anyway, in this picture, my makeup was fresh and I had just done my hair. Sorry for not smiling, but I was concentrating on getting my whole face in the picture and was getting ready to leave.

You can still tell that I've got a perm in my hair, but I try to straighten it as much as possible so that I end up with a slight wave.

Which look do you like better: this one or the way my hair looked just after the beauty school student did it?

By the way, check out my Cosmetic Charisma blog, too. I'm going to be posting something that I'm really excited about, but it's not really appropriate for this blog. CHECK IT OUT!!!

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