Thursday, February 03, 2005

How difficult can it really be?

I've never dealt with someone so unintelligent on the phone before. For something so self-explanatory, it just didn't make sense that someone should be so confused! I'm referencing a phone call I got at work today from a young lady who was having trouble figuring out how to fill out her engagement announcement form.

Girl: Now, on the line next to where it says "bride-elect's name," is that where I put my first name and maiden name?
Me: Yes.
Girl: And where it says "prospective bridegroom's name," is that where I write his name? (meaning her fiance's name)
Me: Yes.
Girl: And what about beside the names where it says "City" and "State"? Do you want to know where we were born?
Me: No, that's where you live right now.

It would have been somewhat excusable, but she called me back to ask more questions like that. I was helping a lady customer at my window at the time to place a wedding announcement. While I was on the phone, she was looking at me like, "What's going on?" I couldn't help but tell her about the questions I was getting from this girl. The lady and her friend were in hysterics. That's when I got the second call from the girl. When I got off with her again, I said, "That poor girl." The ladies started laughing again and the one placing her announcement said, "You mean she called back to ask you more questions?"

Wow. Whether that girl is blonde or not, she makes this blonde look like Einstein! And I ain't no Einstein!

I told my co-worker about it when she called me this afternoon. She said it could have been worse. She said that a few times, she's come across people at the window who had to have her walk them through the entire form!

"Location of wedding," "Location of reception," "Honeymoon plans," "Where the couple will reside," "Bride's occupation," "Groom's occupation"... What's so difficult about that? I wonder if people like that were dropped on their heads or their mothers did drugs or drank while they were pregnant. You know what I mean? That's just dumb!

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Nick said...

It is unfortunate that this bride-to-be is forcing another man to wake up next to her and have a conversation with her daily.

It is even more unfortunate that this marriage will likely lead to procreation and the proliferation of her genes.