Monday, October 25, 2004

Journalist Finds Hope in Job Search

I had an interview this morning at the Wichita Eagle, the local newspaper (yes, there's only one here). They have a part-time opening for a Celbrations (section) Coordinator. I took my portfolio and my best smile with me this morning, along with the prayers of those who knew about my interview.

It went really well. My interviewer all but handed me the job. He asked me to come in tomorrow to meet the other lady who works in the Celebrations department because he said he doesn't like to hire people without giving them a chance to meet those they'll be working with.

He said he really wished he had someone with my background and experience working in the obituary department, but that the Celebrations job could lead to a full-time position either there or with the obits. I'm hoping that they'll pay me at the top of the pay range for this position, but I'm still hoping for something in a full-time capacity with benefits and better pay yet.

The position is supposed to be filled by the middle of this week, and I'm thinking that there's a pretty good chance I'll be given a job offer tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep those prayers coming!


Timothy said...

Erica, I hope you get a job, and I hope it pays well. Just remember that a job is better than no job.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

So true. But this would be great because I've been trying to get my foot in the door at the Wichita Eagle for two years now.

Timothy said...

Did you get the job?