Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Should This Man Go Free?

In 1990, a 9-year-old girl named Nancy was kidnapped when she walked across the street to a gas station to buy a bottle of pop. She was found weeks later, having been raped and killed. Why do I remember this so well? She was the same age as me, or just slightly younger.

Now, the man who was convicted of the crime 14 years ago is up for parole for the second time. The first time he was up for parole, Nancy's family circulated a petition to keep him in prison, and his parole was denied. Now, both Nancy's family and the family of the accused have petitions going around: Nancy's family's is to keep her accused killer in prison, and his family's is to allow him to go free. They say the wrong person was accused and locked up.

This is another story that should have been more carefully edited, but it's a lot better than the last one I posted that I said needed editing. You can read it here. What do you think? Should he go free or be sent back to prison?

I personally believe that this man is guilty and should not be set free unless he is given extensive counseling and made to report himself as a child abuser and sexual offender.

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