Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mentally Disabled Become Naked Slaves

This story is just too bizarre to leave alone. Police have investigated and arrested a couple who operated two homes for the mentally disabled and found that those they cared for were being forced to perform slave labor in the nude. Here's an exerpt from the KAKE News e-newsletter story (edited for mechanical errors):

"The affidavit lists in detail some of the crimes which a Newton [KS] couple is charged with. They include forcing mentally disabled adults to perform manual labor in the nude without compensation. The report also alleges the Kaufmans took social security payments from the adults and even used a stun gun on an individual's stomach, testicles and feet. The investigation stems from a November 1999 incident in which two disabled adults were found on the Kaufmans' property pulling nails from a board."

Even more shocking are the couple's occupations! Read the story here for the details.

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