Friday, October 29, 2004

I'm on Fire!

I'd never have guessed that after waiting for four weeks after applying for a job, I'd get a call for an interview, but I did.

Remember me talking about the job possibility at Kansas Public Telecommunications Service (KPTS)? Well, a lady from the HR department just called and scheduled me for an interview next Wednesday! This is a full-time position that, if I'm hired, would allow me to utilize more of my skills than would the Wichita Eagle. Also, if I get the job at KPTS, I might not have to quit reporting by contract for the Wichita Eagle, so that would mean more money, yet. But this time, I know there are several other interviews going on, and there's less of a possibility since there's more competition.

However, the first time I talked to this lady from KPTS, she told me she was scheduling interviews for next Thursday and Friday, but when I called her back (blonde moment--don't ask), she scheduled me for an interview on Wednesday! Hmmmm... Sounds interesting. We'll see what happens.

Even though I've been wanting to work for the Wichita Eagle, I've got way more skills that would fall by the wayside if I were to work there instead of KPTS. Don't get me wrong: if I don't get the job at KPTS, I'll be satisfied with the position I've been offered at the Wichita Eagle.

I can't believe this, though! Two years without much of a possibility, and then one place offers me a job and the next day, another's calling me for an interview! Amazing! I'm totally stoked about this. I mean, I don't want to get my hopes up just to face disappointment again, but what if KPTS offers me a job, too? Well, let's see: part-time work where I'd only use a fraction of my skills, or full-time work where I'd use practically all of them... Which one do you think I'd pick?

Kind of a no-brainer, if you ask me.

In the meantime, I need to get some new dress clothes and shoes, and fill out some paperwork for the Wichita Eagle today. We'll see what happens with KPTS. I'll let you know.

When God answers prayers, he does it in a big way! I'm seeing that now!


Scot K. said...


Scot K. said...

Actully sounds like a perfectly wonderful response to good news: go out and shop. I've gotten used to hearing such after 27 years of marriage.

Devona said...

It must be the new hair cut! ;-)

Congrats! definately go for the better job, now you have a "fall back" option.

Good luck atyour interview.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Actually, no one at KPTS has seen the after. The guy who handed me the application at the career exposition saw me when my hair was long and my left foot was still in a cast and I was using a crutch. Now, I'm crutch free, wearing matching shoes, and have a brand new haircut. But they haven't seen that.

Maybe the haircut just brought me luck, although I'm more inclined to say it was because of all the people who've been praying for me. God just decided it was time for me to enjoy some success, I guess.

Billy said...

I think God may have some more important business to handle! Like which is the right day for apocalypse!

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Funny. There are no "little things" with God. Everyone and everything is important and He can handle all of them at once. Including answering the prayers of His beloved children.