Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sleeping on a Cloud

After more than four years, my husband and I finally have a real bed to sleep on! For the entirety of our marriage, we have been sleeping on a futon, which was absolutely killing my back. We are now proudly using our futon as a couch (and emergency bed if we have guests, so they can sleep on it), and have a new memory foam bed to call our own.

TempurPedic will tell you that theirs is the only one out there like it, but the reality is that there is another company out there that makes the exact same mattresses for about half the price, and they have the same 20-year warranty. So, we went with the other company: Sleep Level.

My husband and I did a lot of research into the kind of mattress we wanted to get, because this is something you don't want to have to be buying every five to ten years. I talked to my family doctor and also my orthopaedic doctor about it, too. They both said that this is the best mattress we could possibly get. About 98 percent of people who had woken up with back pain or other muscle pains reported that after sleeping on a memory foam mattress, their pain was dramatically reduced, if not gone completely.

I've only slept one night on it so far, and my back already feels soooooo much better! I had been seeing a physical therapist about it because it had gotten so bad! (But I stopped going a few months ago, even though I was still having problems.)

Now, I can't wait to get into bed at night. I pray that I'll be tired during the day so I can take a nap on the new bed, just because I like it that much! But today, I wasn't tired enough to need to sleep, even after sleeping only about 6 hours, compared to my usual 8! And I work until midnight tonight!

This bed is such a good investment. Actually, anytime you make an investment in your health, it's a good investment.

Sweet dreams!

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