Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Complimentary Comparison

I went to the radio station this afternoon to record a phone interview with the State Treasurer for another At Issue program. This time, it's about unclaimed property and money, and how to find it and collect it.

Anyway, I was a little bit early, so I decided to drop by my boss's office to say hi. (He likes me and doesn't mind people dropping by without notice.) He's been going through old interview audition recordings trying to find someone to replace a part-time lady who recently quit, and he asked me what I thought of a couple of recordings.

After he let me listen to a couple of them, he said, "There's just something about it that's just not there. I can't put my finger on it. But when I listen to yours..." And then he played my audition recording, which I haven't heard since I was hired. "I mean, there's just no comparison!" I smiled and said, "Thank you." He smiled back and said, "You're welcome!"

Every once in a while, he turns on the radio while one of my news broadcasts is on, just to listen to how I sound, what I've included in the newscast, to see how I'm improving, etc. He said he was listening to my 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. newscasts this last Saturday, and he was very impressed. I told him at my interview that one of my biggest strengths was my ability to take constructive criticism very well, and since then, he's dropped me a couple of e-mails with constructive criticism in them. But today, it was all compliments.

I told him that I like what I'm doing at the station really well. In fact, I said, I think I like it more than newspaper work, and I was doing that for seven years! He got the biggest grin on his face, and said, "Really? That's good! I'm glad!"

I'll tell you: Of all the places I've worked, I have never had such a cool boss. Even my co-workers are cool. No one has a bad word about anyone else there. They really do treat everyone with integrity and respect. . . like family. . .family that gets along really well. I like it!


Frank said...

Mrs. T Swede,
Is there an example of your work on the web so we could listen to your work? I've only had the chance to hear one Swede give a speech, and truth be told, he didn't sound all that terrible.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Yes, Frank. Actually, the station I work for just recently added the ability for people to listen to the station live on the web. I'll post a link in my sidebar for you. To find my At Issue programs: When you go to the site, look for KFDI Podcast on the left-hand side. Once you've clicked on it, click on News Podcasts, and then select At Issue from the dropdown menu. If you want to listen to what's on the air live, you can click the "Listen Live" box on the main page.

Newscasts are given every hour at the top of the hour. They only last about five minutes, and it's not commercial-free, so if you miss it one hour, you'll have to wait until the next.

I'm so glad you're interested! :D

Happy listening!

Frank said...

I finally got around to listening to your show. That same chick that was hacking into your email account has taken over at your work place too! I mean, she sounds great and all, but she doesn’t at all sound terrible. For crying out loud, she doesn’t even sound Swedish! I’d get a restraining order no matter how good she sounds.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

lol Thanks, Frank. Glad you liked it.