Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogging from Bed

I'll bet you're all just dying for an update by now, aren't you? Well, we have our computer back, have finished moving, and I just had my surgery yesterday morning.

The new apartment is wonderful. I have a lot more room to put things in my kitchen, I have a dishwasher, and to top it all off, the management actually manages things (unlike where we used to live, where I would have to call the owner about problems because the manager liked his video games too much).

I was the first case of the day yesterday morning. I had to be at the surgery center at 6:15 a.m., and my surgery was scheduled for 7:30. As far as I know, I got in at that time, and the surgery only took about 30 minutes. I got a one-inch-long metal plate removed from my left foot, along with the corresponding one-inch-long screws that held it in place. They were going to do a regional block, but it didn't work, so they had to use general anesthesia. Oh, well. I was still able to go home by 10:30 that same morning!

I think the regional block did eventually work, though, because for the longest time yesterday, I couldn't feel anything from my knee down. I couldn't even move my leg starting at the knee: it was all like dead weight. And the splint is heavy, made with plaster for a shell, my leg is wrapped in cotton, and it's all held together by more cotton wrapping and a large Ace bandage.

Now, though, I can feel my leg and am starting to be able to wiggle my toes again, but I have to be careful, because if I do it too much, it starts hurting.

I have other exciting news to share, but I'm waiting to hear from the people it most directly affects before I share it with the world. I'm just bursting about it inside, though, because it affects me in a large part, too, although not as directly!

Well, my Terrible Swede is back at work today after taking all of yesterday off so he could help me and be with me. My mom, who has been driving herself now for a couple of weeks!, is planning on being over here at my new apartment sometime this morning so she can help me like I helped her when she was in my place. I already have some tasks waiting for her for when she gets here.

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have this surgery, keeping me from too much pain, and for putting people in my life who truly care about me and are willing to help me out, even if they have to drive for 30-45 minutes to get to me, as my mom does.

And I'm also thankful for those who were with me when I was getting ready to go into the operating room: My husband, my mom, my sister, and Pastor Brockman from our new home church.

God is so good. My recovery is only supposed to be one month. I'll be in this splint until July 25, and then I get to have a cam boot, which I can walk in. I'll have that for two weeks, and then I can start wearing my shoes again! Fabulous!

Anyway, I think I'm going to see if I can find any pants that will go over this huge splint. I may just have to wear my shorts again. I'll write again soon. Now that I have Internet at home again, I can promise that.


Tonya said...

What's your exciting news? :)

Kobra said...

Yeah, what is the frickin' news?

Mutti said...

Hope you're up and about soon...so you can meander around your spacious apartment. I'm taking the high road on the news...I'm pretending not to be interested.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Thank you, Mutti, but I know you're interested, too.

Tonya, dear sister, the news I have is your news, so let me know when you're ready for me to share it. I'm waiting on you!

And, by the way, crutches help to be able to get around my new apartment. My muscles are kind of sore because I haven't used crutches in a while, but they're getting used to it.