Friday, July 21, 2006

At Issue: Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This Sunday morning, a program that I have spent weeks putting together will air on several radio stations in the city. Of course, this is a pre-recorded, prepared program that will run while I'm either getting ready for church or on my way there with my husband. And the cool part is that you can listen, too! Just go to the podcasting site, click on the link, and listen. I guarantee it's worth your time. It won't be up until Sunday, though, so if you try to listen before then, you'll be out of luck.

The topic on the At Issue program that I did is Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Although it only occurs in 1 to 3 percent of all breast cancers, it is very much an unknown cancer. My program is one that is meant not to cause fear or panic, just to inform, to educate the public.

As a bonus, you get to see how meant-to-be-a-journalist I am, and you get to hear my voice, which is an added bonus, since blogging doesn't really give you any clue as to what this journalist from Kansas sounds like.

I've interviewed two doctors (although one gave a better interview because he's the president of the Cancer Center of Kansas), and one woman who is in remission from Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It's a very eye-opening segment, which is worth your time to listen to. As I say at the beginning of the segment, it's information that could just save your life or the life of someone you love.

And because it can attack anyone, particularly women, of any age (Dr. Dakhil said he's seen patients from age 25 to 80 with it), I have a good feeling that it is relevant to the majority of those reading this blog, too.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. If it's something you don't want to share with others, e-mail me at mrs dot t dot swede at gmail dot com. I'll do my best to answer your questions, and if I can't, I'll give you a reference for who can.

It's kind of cool that I got to do this, because in reporting on IBC in this way, I have kind of become a mini-information source. This is the most awesome way to expand my mind, and I love every minute of it.


Tonya said...

Would you believe I JUST read your blog for the first time in... well, whenever I commented last. Share the good news!!! And make sure to ask people to pray for me because I'm still nervous!

Tonya said...

P.S. I'm so proud of you for your dedication to not only your "job" but to educate and inform so many people. I'm so blessed to have such a smart sister!!!