Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Second Sign Class Tonight

Since my class met last Wednesday, I've had several people tell me how much they enjoyed it, and others who have told me they want to join, although they didn't sign up. This is great news!

Part of my class tonight will focus on alphabet review, another part on learning numbers, and the rest on study and discussion about deaf culture. There are many sign classes out there, but not many that discuss or delve very deeply into the culture of the Deaf community. Since at least one of my students is very nearly deaf, herself, I think this is an important area to touch on.

I don't want to go into too much, because I haven't started my Saturday classes yet, and I won't be able to hold one this Saturday because I'm going to an interpreter conference/workshop. It's going to be really cool, partially because it's a two-day conference/workshop here in Wichita, I'll get more than 10 CDs or DVDs meant to help interpreters succeed, and supper is included on Friday, all for $30! Nevermind that it's being held at a Nazarene church. I just hope they don't try to talk theology.

Anyway, seeing how many people return, and how many new people are in my class tonight, will tell me for sure how many people got hooked at my first class meeting last week! There were 16 in class last Wednesday. I'll give an update (hopefully tonight) and tell you about the actual turnout.

And my books came in! Yea! I'll be handing them out tonight, encouraging everyone to purchase one per family/household because it will be so beneficial to them, especially if they plan to continue their education in sign language. Each book is only $20! How cheap is that?! And instead of learning individual signs all the time, it teaches them how to form actual sentences, so they can communicate their thoughts right away! (If you want to know where you can get the same book, send me an e-mail at ron DOT erica DOT olson AT gmail DOT com.)

I appreciate your continued prayers!

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