Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Trip to Washington, D.C. in the works!

A friend of mine, Cassie, whom I've known since we were 3 and 4 years old, is back in the United States after a tour of duty she served in Turkey the last three years or so. She was in Navy Intelligence (which my husband and father-in-law say is an oxymoron), but is going to be out as of Jan. 31, and will be starting a new job at the Department of Homeland Security in the middle of February! And she's only 25 years old!

She and I wanted to get together while she was in Kansas in October, but it didn't really work out. She had to go back to Turkey before I could say "gobble, gobble." But after talking to her on the phone, which I can do much easier now that there's only a one-hour time difference, she said she wants to fly me out to visit her sometime soon! I told her that it would be best to wait until after May because Ron and my sister are both graduating then, and my class will end in May, too. I'll let you know more as the plans get more firm.

She has a little boy who's about 2 years old, and, I guess, responds better to being disciplined in Turkish than in English, since he had a Turkish nanny while Cassie was in the service there. Isn't that funny? So when Cassie's serious about something, she says it in Turkish.

I've never met her son or husband, but her husband is going back overseas to Iraq in about two weeks. Not to worry, though, Cassie said. He's probably going to be in an air-conditioned office. Even though it's going to be for about 14 months! Yikes!

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