Sunday, January 23, 2005

I made it by 3 inches!

I saw a commercial this afternoon that had a simple message: You wouldn't treat crash dummies like children, so why would you treat children like crash dummies? If they're under 4'9", they need a booster seat.

I guess that if I were three inches shorter (because I'm only 5 feet tall), I'd need a booster seat, too!

One young lady who attends our church, who is also incredibly intelligent for her age, said that in Canada, if you're under 5 feet tall (or just barely over, I can't remember), you're considered handicapped and get to park in handicapped parking.

Well, I'm already considered permanently handicapped because of my feet, but I guess I just barely make the mark of being handicapped in Canada and needing a booster seat in the U.S.!

Hey, I think this is my shortest post ever! How 'bout that! My hubby is impressed.

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