Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day: What's your candidate's position on abortion?

Lutherans for Life published a tract called "Is Abortion an Election Issue?" in 2000. Before you go to the polls, consider your favorite candidates' positions on abortion. It is literally a life or death matter.

The following are excerpts from the Lutherans for Life tract. The portions in quotes are direct quotations from text. The rest are paraphrases of my own:

God doesn't give Christians any "wiggle room" when it comes to destroying human life. "He says, 'You shall not murder.'

"We must not forget what abortion is. All the rhetoric surrounding abortion has deceptively blinded us to the truth. We hear it described as a 'right,' a 'choice,' or a 'medical procedure.' It becomes too easy – even for the Christian – to see abortion as just another one of those 'election issues.'

"Think about it! What is a candidate who supports abortion rights really supporting? Abortion is not on a par with a woman's right to equal employment and equal pay.

"Let's be honest.

"The candidate who supports abortion rights supports a woman's right to have her innocent child murdered. Abortion is not just an 'election issue.' Abortion is a grave sin. Abortion assaults God's Word of truth about the sanctity of human life and, therefore, assaults the Word Himself Who became flesh that we might have life. Abortion is a sin against God Who is the Author and Redeemer of life. Abortion is not an 'election issue.' Because abortion destroys human life, it is a spiritual issue."


"Therefore... a Christian cannot debate the pros and cons of abortion any more than he can debate the pros and cons of a rape or stealing or adultery. Abortion cannot be a 'right' for, in God's sight, it is a fundamental wrong.

"It is such a fundamental wrong that, when it comes to voting, a candidate's stance on the issues is irrelevant if he or she favors abortion. A vote is not a passive act. The voter participates in promoting the agenda of the candidate in an intentional action. A candidate who favors abortion should be disqualified from receiving a Christian's vote.

"Regardless of what our government deems legal, when it comes to abortion, 'We must obey God rather than man.' Those who have been called in grace and adopted as God's children through the merits of Jesus Christ should not sanction the destruction of preborn children."


"However, the Body of Christ is compelled to 'defend the cause of the weak and needy.' The Church is compelled to 'speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves' and to expose the 'fruitless deeds of darkness.' When a candidate for a government office promotes the sin of abortion, God's people must take action to oppose this sin and defend those affected by it."

This being said, I've recently found out that a candidate for Kansas Attorney General that I was hoping might win (and actually might) is a supporter of abortion. Since my husband and I moved, we didn't get any information as to where we would even go to vote, so I guess we're not going to. I'd rather not vote than place a vote for a candidate who supports killing babies.

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