Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Higher Things

As of last night and today, I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer copy editor for Higher Things Reflections, which provides devotional material to Lutheran teens, youth leaders and pastors to help the growth and understanding of the confessional Lutheran faith.

What an honor it is to be given this chance to be involved in the growing of the Lutheran faith, of young Christian minds, and to do all of this to His glory!

A big thanks goes out to Pastor Borghardt for this opportunity, as he is responsible for reviewing the content of these reflections before they go out to the editors.

While on Tabletalk last night (chat room for a conglomeration of Lutherans, not just LCMS), it came up again that Higher Things needed copy editors, and my wonderful husband happened to mention that I was still interested. He gave Pr. Borghardt my e-mail address, and Pr. Borghardt e-mailed me with the invitation to edit for them! So, thank you to my husband, the Terrible Swede, as well.

Pr. Borghardt told me a couple of hours ago that I should be receiving the first of the reflections for editing in the next few days. All of you should sign up to receive these devotions, if you haven't done so already! What are you waiting for? Go to the website I linked to above, and sign up!

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Elle said...

What a blessing to have the opportunity to use your gifts in His service! Yay!