Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time to share poll results!

Okay, I know you've all been wondering what the results of my poll are and when I'm going to finally change it. Well, today is the day (providing my hubby doesn't hog the computer tonight, that is)!

  • There were 33 votes counted for the men's poll, and 26 for the women's poll.
  • Six men said they like to buy flowers for the women in their lives, while only two said they like to receive them.
  • Two men said they like to buy their ladies jewelry, but none of the ladies voted for this.
  • It was a little closer for "sex." A total of 18 men and 14 women voted for this special "gift."
  • As for an expensive dinner, two men and three women voted in favor.
  • Five men compared to seven women voted for something that she's been hinting at that he was too dense to notice before.
  • None of the other options received votes.

My conclusion: Men, you're on the right track, but some of you really need to pay more attention to the clues your women are giving you. Flowers are nice and pretty, but unless they still have roots, they wither really quickly. Women don't enjoy getting jewelry as much as they do the other options mentioned above.

So, if there is a special occasion in your future, particularly if it's something to celebrate with or for the woman in your life, I hope this has helped narrow your search of what to do or get for her.

As soon as I have another poll made up, I'll post it, so be on the lookout! Thanks to all who participated in the most recent one!


Nick said...
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Mrs. T. Swede said...

Okay, Nick. I'm not "Dear Abby," agree that sex is the best gift, and that it is relatively cost-free depending on the circumstances and possible consequences.

However, a woman in the wrong frame of mind might say you're calling her or your relationship cheap and easy. Not good.