Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Move Toward Greater Anonymity

If you've visited this blog in the past, you know my real name. You may even have the e-mail address that I share with my husband. This is very important: From now on, I ask this of all of you: If you have me listed on your blogroll by anything other than my blog's title, please change it so that my real name is not revealed. If you refer to me in any of your blog posts, please refer to me by my blog's title or Mrs. T. Swede.

Not all that long ago, TK, the author of the blog Katie's Beer, told us that she was being harassed by a "troll." There are other people I know of (Bunnie from World Magazine, for instance) who use pseudonyms to keep people from knowing their true identities and to protect themselves from being stalked or harassed in person, over the phone, etc.

I should have done this from the very beginning, as my husband should have. Fortunately, we've been blessed to not be harassed by anyone that we couldn't prevent from commenting. Code identification in the comments window stopped that. But the danger was far from over. Now, hopefully, with the concealing of my identity, I'll be completely in the clear. But this can only be truly successful with your cooperation.

I've started a new e-mail address, which I listed at the end of my blogroll. Of course, if you choose to e-mail me, you'll have to replace the words in caps with their symbolic counterparts. Anyone who wants to is welcome to e-mail me, unless your intent is to harass or threaten me. Those actions do have consequences, especially if my husband gets to you!

If you have questions or would like to leave a comment about this, feel free to do so. Also, please consider doing this on your own blogs. It's a safety issue. If you don't want to, that's your choice, and I won't fault you for it. As you can see, it's taken me over a year to do this.


TKls2myhrt said...


I just emailed you an important message!

Nick said...

Check your e-mail, I sent you a list of links where I believe you control the content and where your name is flagrantly mentioned. Hint: google yourself. I did six months ago and was able to find a cheerleading web site that I created 7 years ago back in high school and delete some long since forgotten pictures that I did not want to circulate amongst my peers.

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Got it. Thanks, Nick!