Friday, November 05, 2004

Staying for the Flight

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be leaving the Wichita Eagle. I really didn't want to, anyway, but that interview solidified for me the thought that I'd be better off staying where I am.

I found out at the interview at KPTS that they'd have me working an average of 40-60 hours every week, plus extra events like telethons and fundraisers, on top of a list of about 30 duties I'd be responsible for as part of the job. And they want to salary the position at $20,000 - $24,000 per year. I'd work myself to death and get very little pay for it. I figured that if I worked a 60-hour week, I'd get about $7.50 per hour. And that's if they gave me $24,000 per year. I've done the research enough to know that I'm worth about $20 per hour in this market, even with less than five years' experience in the field. No, the Eagle doesn't pay me that much, but they do pay me more than half that wage. And not just barely.

Anyway, they're doing call-back interviews around the middle of the month, and Ron says that if they call me back, I should ask them to double their offer or no deal. They'd never do it. It would just be my way of saying that I'm not dumb enough to take a job that would kill me and pay me a high-schooler's wage when I have a bachelor's degree and I'm working on my master's.

Granted that it's a public television station, but they should still be able to pay me at least half of what I'm worth. Don't you think so? I mean, to offer me something less than that is an insult! And they were interviewing a number of people for that position. I feel sorry for whoever gets it. I really do. Unless they're stinking rich and are only taking the job because they love to work. That doesn't apply to very many people here anymore, though.


Devona said...

Good for you. Don't take a crummy job. That's really insulting. Why do people always try to do that to the young people just starting off. "Oh, you've never had a real job before, let's rip you off."

It makes me really mad. People have done that to Rob as well. Why do we go through the trouble of educating ourselves if we're going to be paid like high school kids? I made more money than they're offering you as a server.

I think you should tell them to double their offer, and do it with boldness. You know you won't get it from such cheapskates, but at least you'll let them know you won't let them get away with being so cheap.

Rob said...

So what's the latest, Erica? No post in 5 days... we're missing you!

I hope things are going well at the new job. Keep the Elements of Style close! ;-)

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Good point, Rob. I've fixed that. I might be posting a little less frequently because I've been working full-time during training, and I've also got work to do for my graduate class. I've got almost no time anymore!