Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It has been 7 1/2 months since I lost my job at the local newspaper, and I have been to several interviews, inquired about countless job possibilities, and been to about five career fairs and expos (another of which is this coming Tuesday, and still another next month), and all I have to show for these efforts is a stack of rejection letters. I'm starting to wonder if God wants me to work at all.

I got another job rejection letter in the mail today from a company that would have been ideal. Incredible benefits, tuition reimbursement, opportunities unmatched by any other company out there... gone.

Sometimes I feel as though I've lost the most important race of my life, like I'm a loser at a game I thought I was the best at playing. I have the education, but I'm too young to have all the experience these employers want, and without a chance, I will never get the experience they want.

Other issues press me, too. For example, the church my husband and I joined while we were still engaged more than four years ago has adopted a practice that goes against not just our consciences, but against what is taught in the Scriptures, and they do not feel that their spiritual lives will be or are negatively affected by this. My husband and I are among six people who are leaving this church because of that position. (I will post on this later.) So, we're driving an hour each way to go to a different church, where we know we will not have to put up a fight every Sunday.

Someone told us recently that they almost think of us in terms of the fight we've put up as being somewhat prophetic. "A prophet is not welcome in his own home." No job (for me. Ron still has a good job, of course), no local church to go to... But hopefully things will look up for us soon.

If I'm not meant to work, then that must mean that God has other plans for me. I'm going to keep trying, though, just in case the right job is still out there waiting for me. It took me two years to find the last job I had, but most of that was because I was going through major reconstructive foot surgeries and it took me six months to be able to walk again. There is no such excuse this time.

Please pray that our local congregation sees its errors and repents, and that whatever God's plan for my employment or lack thereof is fulfilled according to His Will.


John H said...

Sorry to hear you're having a discouraging time in your job search and at your church. Just to let you know I'll be praying for you and Ron, and hope you have some positive news in both areas before too long.

Devona said...

Sorry things are so rough. We're praying for you.

It helps that we have your picture hanging on our fridge. It keeps you on my mind since I'm stopping by there so much lately. ;)