Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Concert Excitement Meets SciFi Blues

Either Thursday or Friday, I was listening to these crazy deejays come up with a contest in which callers could call in, and if one deejay hit another with a can of pop (or soda or whatever you call it) from the top of their radio building while that caller was on the phone, that caller won tickets to see Kid Rock in concert in Kansas City, MO, this coming Friday.

As it turns out, I was on the phone when said can hit the deejay, and I won the tickets! So yesterday, I was working on finding us a motel room that's far enough away from the concert not to be booked solid, on our way to and from Kansas City, and that was within our budget. I finally found one that works, and while Ron was watching Stargate SG1 on the SciFi channel, he said, "Oh, no! The season finalies are this Friday! You have to find out if that motel gets the SciFi channel." Of course, they don't, so he told me he wanted me to find a motel that gets SciFi.

I said, "I'm sure the only hotels or motels that get that channel are in downtown Kansas City, and they charge about $90 a night, at least. We're not paying that for one night. I'll just find someone to tape it for us."

"Who's going to tape three hours of SciFi for us?" he said. "We'll just try to leave the concert at 9:30 or 10:00 so we can get back to the motel and watch the repeats."

"Ron, the concert starts at 7:30," I retorted. "I really don't want to leave if the concert isn't over at 9:30 or 10:00. I'll just find someone to tape it for you. . . Trust me. I'll find someone. Maybe my parents or my sister and brother-in-law. They get the SciFi channel."

He still wasn't satisfied, but he was tired after having taken some cough medicine with codeine in it that I got him from our doctor, so he went to bed.

In the meantime, I stayed up to chat on Tabletalk (Confessional Lutheran chat room). While grumbling about my husband's obsession, I got a very generous offer from Webcritter, whose husband watches the very same SciFi shows. She said that she and her husband will tape the shows for Ron and mail the tape or DVD to us. That way, we can still enjoy the concert, and Ron will be able to see the television shows he so covets.

So, Web, if you're reading this, let me know if I can, at any time, return the favor. My husband's begging for a different motel has ceased, and he is very appreciative of your offer.

I'll give you all an update after the concert.

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The Terrible Swede said...

We really need to get a TIVO or other hi-tech recording system.