Saturday, March 19, 2005

Man finds legal way to kill his wife!

Well, it's official. Someone finally found a way to kill his wife in a legal way. Michael Schiavo is no better than murderering husbands everywhere, except he found a way to do it legally, after trying for 15 years.

It's one thing to have an affair, another to cheat on your spouse because he or she is incapacitated, but even more disturbing to kill your spouse because you want to make your union to the person you've been cheating with permanent!

Terri Schiavo cried inconsolably when it was explained to her what was going to happen! She's not so far gone that she doesn't know what's going on or doesn't understand. She's brain damaged, not stupid.

She knows that she's going to slowly dehydrate and starve to death, and that it could take as many as two to four weeks before that happens! Not even prisoners on death row are treated in such an inhumane way! If BTK gets the death penalty (which is up in the air right now because Kansas's death sentencing is in debate for its legality), he wouldn't even suffer as much as Terri! And he killed at least 10 people by torturing them to death!

This is one case where we can stand up and say that THE GOVERNMENT IS WRONG!!! Civil disobedience would be applicable for those who want to save Terri Schiavo's life. Why? Because we answer to a higher authority when we die, and if we do something that we know violates God's law, then our punishment is inconceivably worse than any punishment our government could dish out for not obeying! I'd even take the gas chamber over death by starvation and dehydration over the course of a month!

What is wrong with these lawmakers and lawyers? Are they so depraved of God's law, of moral fiber, of scruples that they can consider this a humane way to die? I'll bet you anything they're enjoying every bite of food they take at every meal, in spite of the fact that they've denied that to someone who did absolutely nothing to deserve it. I wonder what they would say if the tables were turned. Maybe they should be.

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