Friday, June 18, 2004

Men and Women Beating their Biological Clocks

On NBC at noon today, there was a special broadcast about men and women who are having treatments done, some of them on an experimental basis, to extend the time they have to conceive children.

Currently, women's pregnancies are riskier after age 35, which is usually long before they begin menopause. Doctors are trying to find a way to extend this widow for pregnancy because there are more and more women wanting to start their families later in life, or just continue to grow their families.

Men who have problems with erectile dysfunction, sex drive and moods (yes, I said "moods". You have moods and will have to deal with it.) are being tested for a dip in testosterone production, which can solve a lot of those problems. So people in America may be having more and more kids.

This may be more of a problem for the rest of us, though. Are we really sure we want some of these people to reproduce?


The Terrible Swede said...
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The Terrible Swede said...

Cool, I didn't know I could erase my own comments.

What I said, "Woman, men don't have moods."

Brian C said...

I suppose the alternative to letting "those people" reproduce is letting Muslim immigrants to reproduce.

Hey, it works well for Europe!