Monday, June 21, 2004

"I don't get it!"

To borrow my sister's favorite blonde phrase, I don't get it! Don't the terrorists understand that the United States (and now Saudi Arabia) won't negotiate over the lives of people? If they do understand, why do they keep taking hostages, bargaining to get what they want and beheading their hostages when they don't get their way? Don't they understand that they're never going to get anything they want if they don't give us what we want? How many people have to die? I think they know they're not going to have their demands met; they just want to kill people.

How can this world be so evil? It's only getting worse. I know that God made a promise to Noah and all mankind never to destroy the Earth by flooding again. Might He do it another way? It makes one wonder how evil the world was when God destroyed it, and how those times compared to these. If God hadn't promised not to destroy the Earth, would this be the time He would have chosen to do it again?

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