Friday, December 09, 2005

5 Facts

My husband and I have been tagged by Pastor Aardvark. I'm supposed to list five random facts about myself, and then tag five other people at the end. Here I go!

  1. I'm only five feet tall. I can literally stand on a 60-inch measuring tape where the "0" mark is, and the other end will stop at the top of my head.
  2. In person, I look really young. I usually get carded if I try to buy movie tickets for a rated R movie standing by myself. (FYI, you have to be 17 to buy tickets to a rated R movie, and I'm 25.) I kind of like that! My younger sister doesn't get carded!
  3. I'm anal when it comes to proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. If I get an e-mail that I'm supposed to forward to other people, I can't send it on unless I edit it first.
  4. I love to sing. I sing to songs on the radio, I sing in our church choir, and I sang in choir three out of four years in high school. Every once in a while, I sing a solo at church. I'm not the best in our choir, but I'm pretty good for never having had voice lessons.
  5. I graduated from high school and college with about the same GPA each, both times with high honors. Not bad for a natural blonde female, huh! That doesn't mean I don't do and say crazy, mixed up things once in a while. Just ask my husband!

Okay. Now it's time for me to tag some other people. And since my husband isn't home from work yet and hasn't had a chance to tag them first, I'm going to tag Dan the Geologist, his girlfriend Intolerant Elle, TK, Minister 2 B, and Bunnie.


Anonymous said...

What are the five facts about Ron?


Mrs. T. Swede said...

He'll get to them. He's slow.