Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Terrible Swede: A Role Model?

It's true! And it's never been so evident until now. My sister's husband, Nick, has started a blog of his own, influenced by my husband. He's named it "Beer, sex, sports, cars, or anything else." What else could you expect from someone influenced by the Terrible Swede?

Nick and my sister started dating about one month before Ron and I did, but it was obvious from nearly the beginning of my relationship with Ron that Nick looked up to him. I'll give some examples:

Nick found out that Ron was in the Air National Guard, so he joined. After he got out of Basic Training, he was activated and spent most of the first 1 1/2 years overseas, which my sister hated but dealt with.

When we go out to western Kansas to visit my grandma and her husband, who live on a farm, Ron calls Nick and says, "Hey, Nick, bring your gun. I want to go shooting." Nick tells Ron, "Dude, it's already packed." Then he gets off the phone and goes to pack his gun. My sister doesn't like this because when they go out shooting, Nick finds bunny rabbits to shoot. He killed three last time.

This evening, inspired by some of the services he's attended and a Lutheran-Orthodox discussion board Ron joined, we're all going to visit an Orthodox vespers service tonight with some friends of ours from church. Our church, not Nick and Tonya's.

And now, since they finally have Internet access, Nick has created his own blog. Scary.

One restriction he has already put in force, though, is that anonymous commenting is not allowed, and his comments are set up by Blogger.

I'm expecting that his will be a bit raunchy once he gets started, and that's putting it lightly. If you thought the Terrible Swede could get offensive, watch out!


Nick said...

I disagree with this post. Please visit my blog for my response. Or, if you prefer, I can cut and paste it here. Thanks,

Mrs. T. Swede said...

Chill, Nick, I'm getting you some readership, here. The Terrible Swede is widely known, and gets readers who might enjoy your postings. I'm creating interest in others for your blog.

Disclaimers are good, too. It makes people wonder what you're going to post next. And maybe my descriptor "raunchy" was not the right word. And, believe it or not, you will always offend some people. Even I do ... sometimes.

Nick said...

I appreciate the gesture, but aren't blogs meant to be responded to...?